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Red Pacamara


    La Bendición is a plantation owned by Luis Alberto Balladarez, a long-standing and well respected coffee farmer who is a perennial entrant in the Cup of Excellence event. Balladarez has been growing coffee for years and is truly one of the best in the business – what he doesn’t know about cultivation isn’t worth knowing.

    The farm is located in the far north of Nicaragua La Cordillera de Dipilto. Thanks to the mountainous terrain for the region, the region has something of a unique and contrasting microclimate: The towns on the peak’s south face are baked in sunshine yet those on the north side are engulfed in green and often blanketed in rain. It is these conditions which Balladarez utilises to make some exceptional, knock-out coffees.


    Origin: La Providencia, Jalapa, Nicaragua

    Farm: La Bendición

    Farmer: Luis Alberto Balladarez Moncada

    Variety: Red Pacamara

    Altitude: 1300-1500 masl

    Process Method: Washed

    Fermentation: Dry Fermentation

    Drying: Africans beds Shade Dry 

    Age of trees: 10 years

    Harvest Schedule: January–April 2018

    Basic descriptors: Nut, citrus, moderate acidity, mandarine notes and orange flowers in the aftertaste

    Cupping score (Rating SCA): 91,8



    A distinct crisp edge runs throughout this La Bendición Pacamara, one that draws you back in time and time again. When tasting, the first thing that we put down was its vibrant profile of green grape and citric acidity. This refreshing blast

    Backed up with a medium body and an alluring, sweet chocolate finish, this La Bendición makes for one outstanding espresso and one beautifully nuanced filter.