Costa Rica EL CENTRO

Costa Rica EL CENTRO

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Costa Rica


Red and Yellow Catuai


    El Centro is a farm owned by Valladares Rodriguez. Near the year 1949 his grandfather Isaías Gómez Gómez, bought his first coffee farm, Finca El Centro. The property counts with an extension of 21 hectares and is located in Getsemaní of San Rafael of Heredia, Costa Rica. 
    Now, together with his wife Beatriz Chaves Zamora, he decided to continue the legacy of his grandfather. They work with full-love for coffee and in each coffee bean they honor they ancestors with the soul, life and heart. 

    This is the third year that Finca El Centro is rewarded by ACE. In 2017 coffee took 19th place and in 2018 took 18th place.


    Origin: Tarrazu, San Marcos, Costa Rica

    Farm: El Centro

    Farmer: Valladares Rodriguez

    Variety: Red and Yellow Catuai

    Altitude: 1450 masl.

    Process Method: Washed

    Fermentation: 18 Days

    Drying: Patio 

    Age of trees: 15 years

    Harvest Schedule: January–April 2018

    Basic descriptors: fresh fruits, yellow apple, grapefruit peel, orange, creamy chocolate, thin

    Cupping score (Rating SCA): 88,38


    Thick mouthfeel, sweet plum and raisin notes, a slight winey quality to the fruit, and chocolate roast taste. Panela sweet finish with a full and slightly rustic flavor. In the long aftertaste, baked apple notes emerge.